Home Visits Available due to Covid-19

Home Visits may be available to our existing clients if you are over 70, or have chronic disease which places you in the high risk category for complications due to Covid-19. Home visit consultations would be warranted for emergencies only - *not* for general nail and skin care. An example of an emergency would be an ingrown toenail, any swollen joint, or a painful corn or other skin that is impacting your ability to walk.

You may receive a home visit after you receive a short telephone consultation with your Podiatrist to determine the necessity of the visit. If we do not feel you require hands-on treatment at this time, a longer telephone or video consultation can be utilised to help you treat your problem at home by yourself. We are able to supply you with any dressings or paddings you may require to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. We really want to keep our clients as safe and as comfortable as possible, so please reach out if you need a hand.

If you would like further information in regards to home visits, please contact us.