Introducing our new treatment for stubborn warts!

Verrucae Pedis, also know as plantar warts are a viral infection and are highly contagious. The most common occurrence is after using public areas like swimming pools and gym showers, or other communal areas. Children are more likely to get plantar warts, but these do tend to resolve relatively easily once treated. When adults get plantar warts, they are much more difficult to clear, leading to a frustrating process of finding the right treatment program, and endless days applying treatments to the affected area.

The ultimate goal of any wart treatment is to induce an inflammatory response which alerts your body to the presence of the virus. This can be done in multiple ways, such as acid treatment, liquid nitrogen, or laser therapy, in conjunction with at home (over the counter) wart treatments. The problem with this treatment is that it that can take a long while to facilitate the immune response which will ultimately clear the wart.

When You've Tried Everything and Nothing has Worked!

The Verruca Needling Procedure involves multiple punctures of the verruca lesion with a hypodermic needle into the subcutaneous fat layer (deep into the skin) with the goal of stimulating the immune system rapidly. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. No at home treatment is required, but you will need to visit your Podiatrist to have the wound checked while it is resolving.