Three reasons why your Heel Spur is not causing your heel pain!

Often a new client will present to our clinic complaining of a heel spur. Sounds nasty, right?! Well, yes .... and no. The pain they are experiencing is definitely nasty - but the reason for the pain is more than likely NOT due to the heel spur!

Can't step on the floor after getting out of bed in the morning without hobbling? Noticing that your foot is sore after sitting down for a long period? Perhaps you've done a lot of driving recently and your heel is now sore? Is it a bad case of heel spurs, or something else?

What Exactly is a Heel Spur?

A heel spur is a bony growth under the heel bone which shows up on X-Ray. The "bone" is actually calcification of the plantar fascia - the thick and fibrous tissue that holds up your arch.

Three Reasons Why your Heel Spur is Not Causing your Heel Pain!

1. A Heel Spur is often an Incidental Finding on X-Ray

People who have needed an X-Ray for a different foot issue will discover that they have a heel spur - it hasn't been causing pain and more than likely will not in the future.

2. The Calcification of the Plantar Fascia is a Red Flag

If you do see a heel spur on your X-Ray, you can assume you have some calcification of your plantar fascia, which means that it has been pulling at it's insertion to the heel bone (calcaneus). A tight plantar fascia is much more likely to cause pain, especially in the heel area.

3. A Heel Spur points along the foot and not downwards

If you have a look at the image of the heel spur on this page, you will see the heel spur is pointing into the arch of the foot. Heel Spurs that are symptomatic are ones that protrude downwards towards the base of the foot, and this is very rare indeed!

OK - but if my Heel Spur is not Causing Pain - What Is?

More often than not, the people who present with "heel spurs" are actually suffering from plantar fasciitis - that is, an inflammation of the plantar fascia (the thick and fibrous tissue that holds up the arch). Plantar fasciitis is a very common and painful condition if left untreated. To read more about plantar fasciitis click here.

Are you suffering from heel pain?

Heel pain is a frustrating condition that can stop you doing the most basic of every day tasks. Don't waste time hobbling around - come and see us at Foot Right Podiatry for a consultation - your feet will thank you for it!