Medical Pedicure

Feeling sad that you are unable to head to the nail salon for your ritual nail treatment? Fear not! Podiatrists can offer you a safe nail treatment that will get your skin and nails looking better than ever before. Podiatrists always follow strict guidelines for infection control for your safety, and in the time of Covid-19, we have increased our already gold standard hygiene practices to ensure absolute safety to you and to us.

Podiatrists care for your skin and nails by using high quality instruments that are sterilised to the highest Australian Standards after every client. With our private rooms, we can make you feel at ease while we treat your feet and give you advice on how to improve them and prevent ongoing problems.

With our professional training, there is not a foot condition that we haven't seen! We are able to help you with your problem nails, hard skin, corns and callus and also offer advice on how you can make your feet look even better.

With so many stories about terrible things that can happen at the nail salon (fungal infections, infections, cuts, ingrown toenails), the team at Foot Right Podiatry have added this new service. With our hygienic practice, your risk of having problems after your treatment are limited.

We have taken extra precautions during Covid-19, please see our blog to see how we are keeping you safe during this time!

Our Medical Pedicure includes

  1. Cutting and filing your nails
  2. Buffing your nails to improve their condition and appearance (removing yellowing from nail polish or other discolouration)
  3. Clearing around the sides of the nails
  4. Removal of hard skin from around your toes
  5. Removal of hard skin from underneath your feet and particularly around your heels
  6. Sanding the skin on the feet to make them smooth and silky
  7. Massage with high quality moisturiser to really make you feel refreshed and your feet looking your best
  8. Advice on how you can improve your feet and how to prevent ongoing problems.
  9. We use beautiful Skin Juice products for your Medical Pedicure. See our Blog about these beautiful natural products here