Foot orthoses, or as they are commonly know, orthotics, are used to balance or align your feet and can be used to treat many conditions. There are different types of orthoses, depending on your specific foot problem. At Foot Right Podiatry, we guarantee the quality and the comfort of your custom orthotics, and will ensure the perfect fit. If your orthotic is not 100% comfortable for you, we will make it for you again.

At Foot Right Podiatry, your orthoses are custom made and tailored to your individual needs based on the way that you walk, how your joints are aligned and how your muscles function.

Podiatrists see people of all ages that require foot orthoses and they can address many common foot and leg problems.

Orthoses can be effective for anyone who has a long term foot or lower leg condition, which is limiting movement or activity. They are not only for sports people – we also get really fantastic results with active older clients who want to maintain their activities and not succumb to arthritic pain.

Your Assessment Appointment

A biomechanical examination is conducted when you initially see us for your foot, leg or other pains.

This will involve gait (walking) examination, range of motion tests and muscle function tests. After this, we examine your footwear to determine if pain can be attributed or exacerbated by your shoes.

Your occupation may play a role in your pain, so the Podiatrist will dig deep into the requirements of your job to determine how best to treat your complaint. Sometimes, to address your pain we may suggest changes or modifications to your workspace or your footwear.

We will also take into consideration your lifestyle – what you do day-to-day, and the sports you participate in to determine a solution that can work with your lifestyle choices while also keeping you pain-free.

Once we have assessed you and determined that you require orthoses, we will provide you with a personalised foot management plan. This plan contains:

  1. Your diagnosis
  2. Referral for any further investigations, for example X Ray, Ultrasound, or Scan for Leg Length
  3. Referral to other health practitioners if required
  4. Footwear recommendations
  5. Stretching or Strengthening exercises
  6. Other recommendations that will ease your pain quickly

To create your personalised orthoses, we take a scan of your foot. Foot Right Podiatry uses the latest technology, 3D laser scanning, to produce a highly accurate computer model of your foot.

3D scanning is similar to photography. It is a non-invasive, quick, painless and radiation-free method that produces customised and supremely comfortable orthoses.

Your Orthoses

Each orthotic is tailored to your needs and the features will change depending on your requirements. There is no “one size fits all” – orthoses will vary depending on the nature of your pain, how long you have suffered from it, your occupation and your footwear.

Your Podiatrist will talk with you about your prescription so you are clear on what you will receive prior to your orthotic fitting.

Each orthotic is custom made by hand from a team of professional laboratory technicians. Your Podiatrist has absolute control over the orthotic prescription, so what we choose for you is what you will get.

Our product is extremely professional and durable – we, and our many clients have been so happy with our orthotic lab that we have used the same company for about 20 years.

Your Orthotic Fitting Appointment

We will make an appointment for your orthotic fitting at the time of your scan. Generally orthoses will be fitted 2 weeks after your scan, but we are able to acquire your orthoses more quickly if you are going away or if we feel that you will benefit from them sooner. However, a faster production time will incur an additional fee.

Outstanding Service

At Foot Right Podiatry, we believe our service does not end when we fit you with your orthoses.

We want you to be comfortable wearing them every day, and we will follow you closely until you are pain free and beyond. Improving pain, and then maintaining function is the optimal goal at Foot Right Podiatry and you should be comfortable with your feet in our hands.