Children's Feet

At Foot Right Podiatry, we love to see kids! Kids feet are quite different to adult feet, and will go through various phases of development from early childhood until they finish growing.

Many changes that you observe in your child can be normal, like flat feet when they are babies, to having a “knock knees” at around the age of three. Often we see families who present for a consultation and the only treatment they require is reassurance that their child is developing normally.

In other cases, a child may have aches or pains, or is walking in a way that appears to be awkward or uncoordinated. Some common problems we see every day are;

  • In-Toeing
  • Toe Walking
  • Tripping and falling regularly
  • An inability to keep up with their peers
  • Foot and Leg aches and Pains
  • "Growing Pains" that do not go away, or last for more than a few weeks
  • Heel Pain or "Sever’s Disease"
  • Knee Pain or "Osgood Schlatter’s Disease"
  • Patello-Femoral Pain

When a child comes for a consultation, we ask you a series of questions about their development to give us as much information possible to help us diagnose your child’s complaint. We then will conduct a biomechanical assessment to check your child’s joint range of motion, their muscle length and strength and we will observe their gait. We will also check their shoes to make sure they are wearing best shoes for their foot type and activities.

We may recommend you purchase new footwear that will support your child’s foot better and in some cases, we may recommend your child use an insole or arch support to place in their shoes to give a little more support. Sometimes, we may recommend your child be prescribed orthoses to help align and balance their feet, depending on their age, their weight, and their sporting activities.

Other common children’s foot concerns we see at Foot Right Podiatry are 

We use similar treatments for children as we do for adults, however, we will use the most gentle and least invasive procedures possible to achieve the best result. You can trust us to care for your kids.